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The Problem – Pet Waste

There may be as many as 15,700 dogs in the City of Thunder Bay.  Since the average dog produces about a third of a pound (0.15 kg) of waste per day, that adds up to nearly 16,485 kg of doggie doo every week! While many dog owners are responsible pooper scoopers, a great deal of that waste is left on lawns and parks.  Disease causing organisms from pet waste run off into the storm sewer system, a direct path to our waterways.

The Solution – Pet Waste Digester

Bury or compost pet waste beneath ground level to completely break down the waste and protect our waterways.

Watch our step by step video to learn how you can make a pet waste digester for your yard!  Click here. 

For a full set of instructions, download our fact sheet. 

We also sell premade pet waste digesters at our office location for $25.00 (includes bin, lid, a packet of septic starter and fact sheet with instructions).

For more information, call our office: 624-2140. 



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