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Cigarette Butts are Litter Too!


Smoking-related litter is the most prevalent form of litter in Thunder Bay and worldwide. imageCigarette butts are small, but they take years to break down and are loaded with toxic chemicals which often end up in our waterways, affecting aquatic life and water quality. Spring Up to Clean Up volunteers pick up tens of thousands of cigarette butts each spring, but that represents just a fraction of the cigarette litter that disgraces our neighbourhoods.

Many smokers have stated that they would use an ashtray if there was one available when they smoke outdoors. As part of the litter prevention program funded by the City of Thunder Bay’s Clean Green and Beautiful initiative, EcoSuperior is offering several programs designed to target cigarette litter and get the butts off the streets.



Your Butt Goes Here - Recycling Cigarette Butts to Protect Lake Superior!

Cigarette butts contain plastic that even when disposed of properly could take many years to break down, if ever.  EcoSuperior has launched a cigarette waste collection program for businesses and community groups diverts this waste from our landfill and see the plastic recovered and recycled into a variety of industrial products. Participating is easy! 



Click here for more information.





Want to find out what happens to the butts collected?  Watch this video and find out!





Outdoor Ashtray Cost-Sharing Program for Businesses

EcoSuperior and the City of Thunder Bay's Clean, Green and Beautiful program offer a financial incentive for business owners to install an ashtray outside of their workplace in a publicly accessible location. Fifty percent of the cost of the ashtrays will be covered, including shipping and taxes. Installation and maintenance are the responsibility of the business. Free educational posters will also be available. This offer is limited to one ashtray per business.

There are currently several of the Smoker's Outpost wall-mounted ashtrays available at a cost of $75.


  •  Easy maintenance
  • Locks with hex screws
  • Swivel mount ashtray stays secured to wall
  • 500 butt capacity
  • 4” base x 16” height
  • Black


Application Form

Please submit the order form and payment using one of the following options:

Fax: 807-622-0005


In person/by mail: 562 Red River Road Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 1H3



Pocket Ashtray Distribution image


There are often times when smokers may find themselves without a proper receptacle for their cigarette waste.  EcoSuperior is offering a great solution: Pocket ashtrays! It’s a convenient and compact way to keep cigarette butts off the ground and out of our waterways. Whether you are on the go, in the car or boat, or on the trail, you can still have your cigarette and be litter free.


Pocket ashtrays are available free of charge at the EcoSuperior office at 562 Red River Road in Thunder Bay or watch for the display at community events all year round. 




For more information on the above programs, please contact Shannon at 624-2142 or


This litter prevention program is made possible by the City of Thunder Bay’s Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee.


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