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Rain Garden Online Workshop and Quiz

Are you interested in building a rain garden on your residential property? Do you want to know more about the Rain Garden Rebate Program? Follow the steps below to learn more about rain gardens and to find out whether you may apply to the City of Thunder Bay Rain Garden Rebate Program. 

Step 1: Pick up a Rain Garden Resource package from EcoSuperior or download the following documents:

Rain Garden Brochure

Rain Gardens: Design and Installation in Northwestern Ontario

Rain Garden Sizing Worksheet

Rain Garden Rebate Application Form

Rain Garden Rebate Program - Participating Landscapers and Contractors

Landscaping supplies and native plant resources


Step 2: Once you have your package, watch this online training video below.

Step 3: Scroll down this page to complete the quiz. EcoSuperior will receive record of your quiz results. 

Step 4: If you learned that you qualify for the Rain Garden Rebate Program and would like to install a rain garden, fill out and submit the application form in person to Attn: Julia - EcoSuperior Environmental Programs, 562 Red River Rd or email 



Contact Information

The Rain Garden Quiz

What is a rain garden?

Rain gardens are usually planted with:

Rain gardens are beneficial because they can:

The ideal location for a rain garden is:

When considering the slope of your lawn for a rain garden, the ideal slope is:

Soil with the fastest drainage is:

A typical rain garden may be:

Eligible expenses for the Rain Garden Rebate include:

Ineligible expenses for the Rain Garden Rebate Program currently include:

To be eligible for the Residential Rain Garden Rebate program, you must:

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