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Rain Gardens

We are pleased to announce that the Rain Garden Rebate program has been reinstated for 2018. Please refer to the Rain Garden Rebate page for further information.

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a landscaped depression that will soak up rainwater runoff from the roof of a house or garage, or other hard surface like a parking area. The rainwater is absorbed into the soil instead of flowing into a storm drain that empties into our local streams. Rain gardens are often planted with wildflowers or other plants that provide homes and food for birds and insects.

 Rain gardens absorb rainwater, so they can help:

  • recharge our groundwater
  • protect neighbourhoods from flooding and drainage problems
  • keep our streams clean by reducing the amount of polluted stormwater that goes into streams from storm drains
  • provide habitat for birds, butterflies and insects.

Looking for ideas and inspiration to create your rain garden?  Scroll down to view local examples, and click here to visit our Facebook gallery for more rain gardens in Thunder Bay.





The rainwater from Curniss McGoldrick’s roof empties from her downspout onto river stones to her rain garden, where it will soak into the soil.  Gardens like this protect our streams by reducing the  amount of rainwater runoff that goes from storm drains directly into streams and rivers.





The wildflowers and native shrubs planted by Nancy Serediak in her garden absorb lots of rainwater while providing habitat for birds, butterflies and other insects.  The rainwater enters this garden through an underground weeping tile that is connected to her downspout.





Kathy Pattyson's garden features stone in the catchment basin.  The shallow basin captures rainwater and releases it gradually into the ground over several hours, until it is absorbed.  The shrubs and vines at the edge of the basin absorb the groundwater.

 The Rain Garden Rebate program is funded by the City of Thunder Bay and administered by EcoSuperior.


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