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Did you know that in Canada, the transportation sector is responsible for 27 percent of GHG emissions and that Canadians drive more than 300 billion kilometres each year? Emissions from an individual car or truck are generally low, but add up the emissions from all of the vehicles in use every day and you have serious air pollution. Driving your car probably causes more pollution than anything else you do today - and you have the power to fix that!
Unecessary idling of vehicles wastes a lot of fuel and money, depletes a non-renewable resource, increase air pollution and increases GHGs that contribute to climate change.The combustion of gasoline when we drive our cars is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.In fact, for every litre of gasoline used, the average car produces about 2.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide. 
The most common reasons Canadians idle:
  • waiting for a passenger
  • stopping at a railway crossing
  • sitting in a drive through lane
  • waiting to refuel or have the car washed
  • warming up or cooling down a vehicle
Anything over 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than shutting off and restarting you vehicle and the money you save by not idling will more than offset any costs for wear-and-tear on your vehicle.The best way to warm a vehicle up is to drive it. Even on cold winter days no more than two to three minutes of idling is enough warm-up time before starting to drive. Also, many parts of the vehicle – including the wheel bearings, tires and suspension system – will warm up only when the vehicle is moving. It is important to ensure that your windows are free from snow and ice and your visibility is clear before driving away but use a brush and scraper or windshield cover instead of idling. Avoid using remote car starters or start your vehicle no more than 60 seconds before getting in. Reduce the impact of cold starts by using a block heater and timer no more than two hours before you drive your vehicle. EcoSuperior's Idling Fact Sheet

 Turning your engine off  to save money and the environment is easy, free, and something you can start doing immediately!

For more information and resources visit Natural Resources Canada's website here.

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