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Mitigating your home for radon gas


What are my options for radon mitigation, and where can I see them in action?

We recommend working with a certified radon mitigation professional to find the most effective radon mitigation. The professional will take into consideration your home design and radon levels. Radon mitigation may include active soil depressurization, sealed sump pit covers, sealed floor cracks, sealed polyethlene membrane over exposed soil, or other forms of mitigation. Many of these mitigation options are on display at EcoSuperior's radon demonstration area, which is located at our office and open during normal operating hours, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30.

Who can fix a home with high radon levels?

If your home has high levels, we recommend contacting a C-NRPP certified mitigation professional. The professional will asses your house to find the best remediation option. The most common method is active soil depressurization, which typically reduces radon levels by 90% or more.

Several mitigation professionals are servicing homes in the Thunder Bay area:

What is the most important thing to know about radon mitigation?

After any mitigation, you should re-test your home to confirm whether radon levels have been adequately reduced.

Are there any rebates or programs that cover the costs?

While most homeowners pay radon mitigation costs out-of-pocket, there are two programs that can help with costs:

Are there any mitigation systems that I can install myself?

There are several basic steps that homeowners can take themselves to lower their home's radon levels. One common step is installing a sealed sump pit cover. After installing any measure to lower radon levels, it is essential to re-test radon levels in order to confirm whether the system is effective. Sealed sump pit covers are available at the locations below.



  • ( does not have sealed sump pit covers). Several options are available; the model on display at EcoSuperior's Radon Demonstration Area is available here.
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