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Planning A Green Event - Essential Actions

These steps must be integrated into your event to qualify for certification.

  • ChecklistCommit to holding a Litter Free Green Event at the beginning of the event planning process. Promote this to your committee members, volunteers and attendees at every planning session and throughout the event.


  • Develop and implement an action plan based on the principles of Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Repair and then Recycle. Tell your sponsors about your goals and ask for their assistance in meeting them. Request environmentally friendly goods and services in tenders for the event.

  • Send out invitations/registration packages and promotion electronically where possible; use post-consumer recycled paper for written material. Use on-line registration forms.

  • Have sufficient well-marked waste and recycling containers in convenient locations, keeping in mind where items will likely travel. Make sure there are adequate cigarette butt receptacles in all smoking areas.

  • Ensure there is a recycling container beside every garbage container on the site. Recycling containers should clearly identify acceptable materials (e.g. pop cans and plastic 1 & 2 bottles). You may call ReCool Canada (577-0411) to book the Portable Recycling Trailer and individual recycling containers (call early as containers are limited). Information about recycling requirements for events is available on the City of Thunder Bay’s website.

  • It is very important that announcements are made throughout the event reminding people not to litter (outdoors) and/or to use the waste and recycling containers provided. Engage your participants in helping to make your event green and litter-free.

  • Minimize or eliminate the use of disposables, by using re-usable dishes and cutlery. Ensure that dishwashing facilities are available and meet the requirements of the Thunder Bay District Health Unit (call 625-5926 or 625-5930). If disposables must be used choose paper and other biodegradable products over plastic and styrofoam.

  • Check with Thunder Bay Transit to see if bus service is available and share route and schedule information with your attendees.

  • Track your successes. Keep a record of the quantity of waste reduced and diverted and share the news.

Now choose at least five action items from The Next Step.


This litter prevention program is funded by the City of Thunder Bay Clean, Green  and Beautiful Committee and delivered by EcoSuperior Environmental Programs.


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