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Planning A Green Event - Next Steps

Once you have covered the Essential Actions, choose at least FIVE of the following actions to qualify as a Litter Free Green Event.

Promotion & Giveaway Initiatives

  • Encourage participants to bring their own paper, pens, reusable mugs and/or water bottles.

  • Use reusable bags for promotional material and giveaways that are environmentally friendly.

  • Recognize those who “walk the talk” and reward them with certificates and/or gifts such as refillable mugs, reusable bags, water bottles, gift certificates to local restaurants, bus passes or packets of organic seeds.

Waste Reduction Initiatives

  • RecycleProvide water in pitchers and washable glasses for speakers and on meeting tables. Use reusable cloth tablecloths and serviettes. These items may be rented.

  • Download presentations and handouts onto CD’s or Zip Drives to save photocopying, or commit to e-mailing resources to participants after the event.

  • Set up a collection of food scraps (fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds; NO dairy, meat, or fats) with each food vendor and in food prep areas. Five gallon food-grade buckets work well. Arrange with a local farmer or community garden to pick up the material and take it away for composting.

  • Encourage food vendors to sell drinks to people who have brought their own refillable beverage containers (travel mugs, water bottles) and charge more for drinks sold in single-use containers. Single-use containers should be biodegradable (not styrofoam or plastic) or recyclable (e.g. pop cans and plastic 1 & 2 bottles).

  • Set up a deposit system on reusable plates for outdoor events. Have patrons return their plates to receive their deposit back (i.e. $1-2). Arrange for dishwashing in an approved facility. Require all food vendors to take part.

  • Encourage food vendors to use large containers for cream (a thermos works well), sugar, condiments, etc. instead of individual packets. Check with Thunder Bay Health Unit for requirements.

  • Collect name tag holders at the end of your event so they can be re-used next time.

Litter Prevention Initiatives (Outdoor Events)

  • LitterBugTaking steps to prevent litter before it hits the ground is the most effective way of dealing with litter.

  • Have volunteers wearing brightly-coloured shirts (i.e. a Green Team) mingle among the crowd with garbage and/or recycling bags to collect litter before it hits the ground.

  • Have the announcers remind patrons to look for the volunteers and bins and to do their part to make the event litter free and green.

  • Pick up any litter on the ground during the event. Studies have shown that people are less likely to litter in a clean area. Make sure bins are emptied regularly to avoid overflow.

  • Post signs near food vendors and bins reminding people to “can” their trash.

Energy & Transportation Initiatives

  • For day-time meetings in a room with windows, leave the lights off to save energy and reduce your event’s carbon footprint.

  • Encourage participants to choose lodgings close to the site and to walk, bike, carpool and use public transportation and shuttle services.

Community Initiatives

  • Use caterers who commit to using local and organic foods. Serve fair trade coffee.

  • Support local businesses as much as possible when purchasing products and services for your event.

  • Have “Green Displays” at the event to help educate attendees about what they can do to help the environment. This is also a great opportunity to highlight your green activities.

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This litter prevention program is funded by the City of Thunder Bay Clean, Green  and Beautiful Committee and delivered by EcoSuperior Environmental Programs.


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