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Rain Barrels

Looking for a great way to reduce the amount of water you use?

Get a rain barrel for just $80!*

*$5 increase in rain barrel cost do to increased shipping fees. All City discounted rain barrels are sold out for the 2020 season.

EcoSuperior invites you to consider a 220 L rain barrel to capture run-off from your rooftop for use in your garden. It’s easily blueinstalled and a simple, inexpensive way to meet your outdoor water needs.
On average, Thunder Bay receives 53.5 cm of rain annually, and when you consider an average roof size of 1000 square feet, this adds up to more than 50,000 litres of water FREE for lawn and garden irrigation!

Why water plants with costly drinking water? Install a rain barrel and you’ll be giving your plants non-chlorinated soft rainwater at just the right temperature. It’s guilt-free watering: economical and environmentally friendly. Rain barrels also help reduce the load on storm sewers and wastewater treatment facilities, and help reduce peak water demands in hot summer months. Our rain barrels are made from recycled plastic and come complete with mosquito-proof lid, spigot, overflow hose and simple instructions. 


EcoSuperior's office is currently closed to the public, please visit the online store on the homepage to purchase a rain barrel at this time -


562 Red River Road,
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 1H3
Due to COVID-19 social restrictions, our office is currently closed to the public.
We are offering curbside pick-up through our online store.

Temporary phone hours:
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

Phone: 807-624-2140

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