Speakers & Presentations 

Looking for a guest speaker? Our team offers a variety of presentations on topics such as chemicals and health, recycling, personal care products and much more. We can tailor our presentation to fit your group and your time, whether you are looking for a lunch 'n learn session at the office, or an evening presentation to your youth group or church. Depending on program funding, there may be a small fee for the presentation. 


Featured Presentations:

Learned Behaviour

Let's face it - plastics are major environmental concern.  Plastics are filling our waterways, landscapes and landfills.  Recycling is not the answer.  Join this presentation to learn about our plastic habits, and what actions you can do at home.  We finish with a step by step DIY beeswax wrap workshop!

$75/presentation (includes materials for up to 15 participants)


Available Presentations:

Bike Rodeo

In conjunction with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, Safe Cycling Thunder Bay is proud to offer group courses and presentations to schools. We cover topics such as traffic safety, signaling, bike fit, and ABC bike safety check—while also giving students the opportunity to practice skills in a supervised environment.

Want to put these skills into practice? We also offer a guided on-road group ride to help you with that.

Sessions are available for children in grade 3 and up, and last 1.5 - 2 hours depending on your group's needs. 

Interested? Contact us! julia@ecosuperior.org 


Safe Cycling For Adults

Need more information about helmet and bike safety checks, the rules of the road, and traffic dynamics? If so, this presentation is perfect for you! Here, we offer a one-hour session that includes skills practice and a group ride to help your group feel more confident on the road. Alternate session length and course content can be requested, based on your group's needs. 

Interested? Contact us! julia@ecosuperior.org 


Radon Awareness

Did you know that radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada after smoking? The Thunder Bay District Health Unit's 2015 Radon Prevalence Study found that 16% of Thunder Bay homes have high radon. This presentation is perfect for those who wish to learn more about radon gas, its health risks, and simple ways to test and mitigate your home and protect your family. 

For more information or to book, please email info@ecosuperior.org 


Rain Garden Workshop

What is a rain garden, and why is it important to have one? This EcoSuperior workshop provides all the information you need to source, obtain, and utilize a beautifully landscaped depression to help keep our lakes and rivers clean. 

Interested? Contact us!:  julia@ecosuperior.org  


Recycling Education

Confused about what can be recycled in Thunder Bay, or don’t know why it’s important to recycle? We’ve got the perfect presentation to help you, your workplace, or organization learn all the ‘ins and outs’ of recycling in our region. 

Interested? Contact us!:  melissa@ecosuperior.org 


Composting and Vermicomposting

Composting is a simple way to reduce your curbside trash by as much as 30%, provide a great source of natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden, and reduce greenhouse gas emisisons (i.e., the warming of our planet!). During this presentation, you’ll learn the basics of both indoor (vermicomposting) and backyard composting, including all the troubleshooting, tips, and tricks you’ll need.

Interested? Contact us!:  erin@ecosuperior.org 


Back to the Tap

When we turn on the tap, we automatically receive clean, safe, fresh, Lake Superior water. During this presentation, you’ll investigate how our water gets from the Lake to our taps, and discover how it truly is Superior. This program also offers a fun way for students to examine all aspects of our municipal tap water. 

Interested? Contact us!:  ashley@ecosuperior.org  


Keep It Simple

Are you interested in learning about housecleaning, without all the toxic, harmful chemicals? This presentation helps decipher what ingredients are in your personal care products, and how to make safer choices about your products. 

Interested? Contact us!:  erin@ecosuperior.org