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Litterless Lunch

Litterless LunchWhat's In Most Lunches?

  • plastic bags
  • juice boxes
  • plastic wrap
  • milk cartons
  • snack wrappers
  • soda cans

All of it is waste! Can you believe that lunchtime trash is second only to office paper as the leading source of school waste. Student lunches create a lot of waste!

Ideally the litterless lunch can happen everyday. But it can be introduced as an event to take place on select days to begin. You can challenge your students to create as little waste as possible, and even compare your results with other participating classes in the school.

To get everyone on board, it is important to introduce the reasoning behind such a program.

Use these resources to introduce the litterless lunch to your class. See activity outline (pdf).

The resources are available to print separately as well (all in pdf format):

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