About Our Work with Food

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EcoSuperior is proud to work in support of the Thunder Bay & Area Food Strategy (TBAFS), aimed to “connect food and community”. The TBAFS is committed to creating a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system that contributes to the economic, ecological, and social well-being and health of the City of Thunder Bay and Area.

Guided by a Strategic Action Plan, the TBAFS promotes “regional food self-reliance, healthy environments, and thriving economies”, which was developed through multiple rounds of consultation with community leaders and stakeholders in order to meet the region’s food system needs. The TBAFS was built on seven key pillars; intended to integrate the core elements of a healthy, equitable and sustainable food system in the region:



screen-shot-2021-01-11-at-4 Food Access
screen-shot-2021-01-11-at-4 forests and freshwater foods
screen-shot-2021-01-11-at-4 Food infrastructure
screen-shot-2021-01-11-at-4 food procurement
screen-shot-2021-01-11-at-4 food production
screen-shot-2021-01-11-at-4 school food environments
screen-shot-2021-01-11-at-4 Urban Agriculture