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At EcoSuperior, we believe that being active outdoors is crucial to achieving our mission of building a healthy future for people and the planet

With support from Green Communities Canada, the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, the City of Thunder Bay, and Ontario Active School Travel, the Walk or Wheel Thunder Bay Program supports year-round active school travel among children and youth in elementary grades. 



Walk or Wheel Thunder Bay

Walk or Wheel Thunder Bay (WOW TBay) is a program that encourages families to choose active transportation for the trip to and from school. Active transportation refers to any form of human-powered (non-motorized) travel such as walking, cycling, using a wheelchair, scooter, or skateboard. It is part of a province-wide Ontario Active School Travel project supporting families to enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits of having an active journey to and from school. 

WOW TBay is run by EcoSuperior Environmental Programs and the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. It is a partnership that includes staff from Lakehead Public SchoolsThunder Bay Catholic District School Board, Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay, the City of Thunder Bay, and Thunder Bay Police Service.


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Winter Walk Day

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Active April   

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Bike to School Week

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Walk to School Month

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These school programs are made possible with support from Green Communities Canada. the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and the City of Thunder Bay.


Safe Cycling

Cycling Education in Thunder Bay 

Safe Cycling Thunder Bay is a cycling education program delivered by EcoSuperior and supported by City of Thunder Bay. The program offers cycling skills training to make riding in Thunder Bay easier, safer, and more fun.

Safe Cycling is one of the most successful cycling training programs in Canada. There are courses offered for people of all ages and abilities and can include free group rides, school bike programs, commuter skills and advanced instructor training. The goal of this program is to improve people’s cycling skills and knowledge, build confidence, and encourage people to ride more often! 

Learn more about Safe Cycling Thunder Bay on our program website!


Bike Mechanic Workshops

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