Community Workshops


EcoSuperior is excited to offer community workshops suitable for workplaces, youth programs, church groups and community organizations. Learn about waste reduction, efficient recycling, compostingor hosting a green event. Workshops can be tailored to your group size and needs – just ask!

Cost: $100/ 1hr workshop. 

Recommended number of participants: 20



Available Community Workshops

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Keep it Simple: Making safer choices about personal care products

Waste Reduction and Recycling Education: Learn how to reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Composting: The basics of both indoor (vermicomposting) and backyard composting

Beeswax Wrap Workshop: Learn about our plastic habits and what actions you can take at home. We finish with a step-by-step DIY beeswax wrap workshop!

Green Events: Learn event planning that is better for your wallet and the environment

Re-Wilding for Wellness Forest Therapy: Nourishing us back to remembering our connection with the living landscape.

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