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Don't Burn Garbage


Up in smoke? Think again!

Burning of household garbage is a major source of uncontrolled pollution, harmful to your health and our environment. Garbage fires pollute whether you burn in a woodstove, burn barrel, outdoor woodstove or open pit. Burning waste – including packaging, plastics, treated wood and junk mail – releases contaminants into the air. Home garbage fires smoulder & burn at temperatures which create dioxins, furans, and a host of other pollutants.

What goes up must come down

In Canada, the open burning of garbage produces more dioxins and furans than all industrial activities combined.  Dioxins and furans released into the air settle on fields, forests, lakes and streams. These toxic pollutants become incorporated into the food chain and accumulate in the fat of livestock, wild game and fish. The toxins are passed on to us when we consume meat, fish and dairy products.

Burning garbage can affect your health

Exposure to dioxins and furans has been linked to certain types of cancer effects on the developing nervous system cardiovascular and liver disease impairment of the immune system particulate matter in smoke from garbage fires can trigger respiratory health problems.bernie at powwow

Thanks to the support of the Ontario Ministry of Environment, EcoSuperior has an interactive display regarding burning garbage that features Bernie, the talking burn barrel! Bernie can come to your event to let people know about the hazards of burning garbage at home or at camp. Contact our office to invite Bernie to your next event.

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