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Green School Manuals


We are very pleased to announce the release of three new resources designed to help schools reduce their waste. If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of these manuals for your school, just contact us.  

We also offer digital copies.

A GREEN School Manual: Waste Minimization 


This manual offers creative tips for teachers and students to start reducing waste in the classroom, cafeteria, and school.

A GREEN School Manual: Recycling

Six steps to setting up a school recycling program. There are schools in Thunder Bay that recycle paper, plastic, metal and tetrapaks. Your school can too!

This manual presents simple steps to follow in setting up a successful recycling system at your school. A staff team, a classroom, or even a "green" team can take on the role of starting the recycling program, depending on your school needs and resources. No matter who starts the program, we will all benefit from the reduced waste being sent to our local landfill site.

A GREEN School Manual: Composting

Apple cores, banana peels, seeds, pits, whatever came from a fruit or a vegetable - It can all be added to a composter to turn back into nutrients and soil.

Composting in your school might be more manageable than you think. With the right team of volunteers to help with collection, the right containers to store and compost, and the space to set up the outdoor bins, your school could be diverting up to a third of your waste! This manual presents six simple steps to follow in setting up a successful composting system at your school. If outdoor composting is not your top choice, you may choose to set up a vermicomposting system, designed to compost indoors!

Prefer a digital copy?

  • To download the Green Schools Recycling Manual, please click here.
  • To download the Green Schools Composting Manual, please click here.
  • To download the Green Schools Waste Minimization Manual, please click here.

Already using the manuals?

If you have used the manuals, let us know what you think. Fill out our feedback form. We appreciate your comments!

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