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Thunder Bay Food Strategy
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Lessons & Resources

Calendar of Green

Calendar of Green

A list of "green" days: a compilation of local, national and international celebration days that can be used as themes to enhance environmental stewardship in your classroom. Calendar of Green.

Green School Manuals

Green School Manuals

Have you thought about setting up a full recycling system - for paper as well as for containers? Have you noticed the amount of food waste thrown out that could have been composted instead?  These manuals present simple step-by-step ideas for successfully starting and maintaining recycling and composting systems in your school. Local information and resoruces are provided to make the manuals as directly applicable as possible.  Green School Manuals.

Recycled Fish CD

Recycled CD Fish

This recycled craft can be a great way to reuse old or scratched cd's or dvd's. It can also be a great reminder of the need to protect our water, not only for ourselves but also for our fish. Recycled CD Fish.

Reused Christmas Ornament

Re-Used Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate a "green" Christmas in your classroom by creating these ornaments from re-used and natural items. Download the instruction booklet (pdf).

Litterless Lunch

Litterless Lunch

A child produces about 70 pounds of garbage each year from lunches. Use these resources to demonstrate the waste created by lunches and encourage your students to pack a litterless lunch. Litterless Lunch.


Boomerang Lunch

Having your students bring their lunch garbage home with them is a great way to help them realize the amount of waste that one meal is creating. We have several implementation ideas for download. Boomerang Lunch.

Have A Swap

Have a Swap

Sharing unwanted items with others is an easy way to keep things out of the landfill. Chances are somebody will have something that you are looking for too. Organize a swap in your classroom or school, to encourage the reuse of items. Let's Have A Swap!

Reuse Class Fair

Hold a Reuse Class Fair

Students will stretch their creativity in designing items from reused materials. Have them presented to the rest of the class or even school in a fair type event. Let's get students excited about reusing! Read up on some of our implementation ideas. Reuse Class Fair.

Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction Activities

A variety of activities that can be used in the classroom or education groups to teach about waste reduction. Check out our complete listing of activities (pdf).


LitterFree Thunder Bay

This local organization has created an activity booklet (pdf) for young learners to help make Thunder Bay Litter Free!

Creative Futures

Get your students thinking!

We have a great document (pdf) on environmental hot topics to get the discussion going in your highschool classroom.

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