Community Workshops

EcoSuperior is excited to offer community workshops suitable for workplaces, youth programs, church groups and community organizations. Learn about waste reduction, efficient recycling, compostingor hosting a green event. Workshops can be tailored to your group size and needs – just ask!

Cost: $100/ 1hr workshop. 

Recommended number of participants: 20




Available Workshops:

Keep it Simple

Are you interested in learning about housecleaning without harm, or safer options for personal care products? This presentation helps decipher what ingredients are in your products, how to make safer choices, and an opportunity to make your own personal care product.


Waste Reduction and Recycling Education

We are living in a waste crisis, but there is no silver bullet solution. In this presentation, you will learn how to reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. You will also learn the ins and outs of recycling in our region, and why recycling should be considered a last resort. You also have the option to include a Waste Audit activity, where we will go through the waste produced in your building and learn what can and cannot be recycled. This is the perfect presentation for a classroom, workplace, or organization looking to improve their waste habits. The optional Waste Audit activity works best with up to 20 people, and we will ask that you set aside your waste (garbage and recycling only, no organics) for two weeks prior to the workshop.



Composting is a simple way to reduce your curbside trash by as much as 30%, provide a great source of natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., the warming of our planet!). During this presentation, you'll learn the basics of both indoor (vermicomposting) and backyard composting, including all the troubleshooting, tips, and tricks you'll need.


Beeswax Wrap Workshop

Let's face it - plastics are major environmental concern. Plastics are filling our waterways, landscapes and landfills. Recycling is not the answer. Join this presentation to learn about our plastic habits and what actions you can do at home. We finish with a step-by-step DIY beeswax wrap workshop!


Green Events

Looking to host a big event, family reunion or wedding? Explore our Green Events Guide and learn easy DIY event planning that is better for your wallet and the environment. Interested in booking a presentation on how to organize more sustainable events, contact us to book.


Re-Wilding for Wellness Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy; also known as Forest Bathing and Shinrin-Yoku, is an evidence-based therapeutic practice that connects people to forest environments through gentle, sensory-based invitations. 

This practice typically runs for 2-4 hours and consists of a series of invitations following a standard flow model, which takes place in a forest, or another healing natural environment. Forest Therapy can be seen as a gateway practice into ‘re-wilding' ourselves- nourishing us back to remembering our connection with the living landscape. These guided walks are subject to a different fee rate so please contact 624 2143 for more information.

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