Green Event Planning

Green & Litter-Free

This Year, Make Your Event Green & Litter-Free.

While parties, events, and festivals bring us together, they can also be opportunities for us to celebrate the planet. Events, especially those hosted for large groups of people, can have a less-than-desirable outcome for the environment. Over the past few years, EcoSuperior has worked with our partners to establish some guidelines for organizing events that are healthy for our planet. By taking some extra time during the planning stages, you can effectively:

  • Prevent or significantly reduce the amount of waste and litter at your event.
  • Save resources while supporting your local economy
  • Educate your attendees and show them that you care
  • & more!

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There are achievable alternatives to consider and ways to reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainability through your event that can greatly benefit your guests and the planet.

Green events create community outreach, education, and community participation opportunities while raising awareness of environmentally friendly choices, services, and products available in our community. By committing to hosting a green event, you will save money, reduce the amount of waste generated by your event, and show your commitment to environmental responsibility and leadership in creating a more sustainable and healthy community.

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This litter prevention program is funded by the City of Thunder Bay Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee and delivered by EcoSuperior Environmental Programs.