Huskee Mug Exchange

Today was an exciting one for us and Calico Coffeehouse! Calico's is launching the Huskee Mug Exchange Program to reduce waste while offering delicious beverages on the go!
The program works like this:
1. Start your membership in the program with a $20 one-time mug fee.
2. Fill the mug, enjoy your beverage, and keep it until your next visit.
3. Bring the mug to get your next drink and exchange it for a clean one!
This Huskee Mug is made from coffee husk as the raw material. The mug is designed in multiple sizes so customers can choose their preferred size. You only need to purchase your membership once, and you will have all size options available to you! This program aims to make reusable mugs convenient, reducing the amount of single-use waste in our landfills.
Interested in having your business join the program? Email for more information on how to get started!