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Thunder Bay Food Strategy
Safe Cycling Thunder Bay

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Sue Hamel 

Executive Director

I am deeply grateful for having grown up in a time and place with parents who created and supported endless opportunities for me to have free unstructured time exploring outside, in the living landscape. In my childhood, I learned how adventure and connecting to the land feeds the soul, how being on, in and near water is deeply calming, and the value of savouring sunsets.

My formal education and professional work deepened my understanding of my curiosities, what I am passionate about, and what matters most. For decades, I was drawn to soulful work across Canada, USA, and the continent of Africa in the fields of environmental education, conservation, wilderness guiding, and activism, driven by my quest to seek ways of living well with each other, and in the places we are living.

I am humbled to join such an inspiring, purpose-driven, and hard-working team, working for the well-being of present and future generations. I hold active hope that EcoSuperior continues to build relations with existing and new partners within the community and beyond, to co-create a healthy, just and sustainable world for all species.

Call Sue at 624-2145 or


Ashley Priem

Office Supervisor/Program Coordinator

I have had the pleasure of working at EcoSuperior since its inception in 1995 with a 9 year break in the middle to raise my children.  My programs change regularly which keeps me on my toes and always learning new things. These days, I coordinate the Adopt a Storm Drain program, the City of Thunder Bay Water Bar, and Keep it Superior, all of which encourage residents to appreciate, protect, and drink our superior water. I organized Thunder Bay’s Open Streets program and couldn’t be happier about the positive response. I believe that our built environment has a huge impact on our health and well being!

Contact Ashley at 624-2658 or by email -



Aynsley Klassen

Program Coordinator

Currently on temporary leave

While I have come and gone many times over the past 16 years, there is something remarkable about Thunder Bay that always draws me back. EcoSuperior is a great hub for two of the things I love most about this city – the natural environment and the community – and I feel privileged to be a part of the work we do here. I continually draw on my background in education and outdoor leadership to support my program areas: Central Natural Environment Gardens, our annual spring plant sale, Lake Superior Day, and various school and outreach activities. When not at work, I love to spend time outside with my family – gardening, hiking, skiing, sliding, and just being!



Erin Moir

Program Coordinator

I grew up being strongly encouraged to play outside and I was fortunate to spend summers on family camping trips.  As a result I have become passionate about the outdoors and the environment.

I have been a Program Coordinator with EcoSuperior Environmental Programs for 6 years.  My main focus is Education and Outreach,  working most often in classrooms delivering Ontario curriculum linked environmental programming.  Since graduating from Lakehead University with an Honours in Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism and a Bachelor of Natural Science I started in the field of environmental education in 2006.  I have worked as a naturalist and zone ecologist intern with Ontario Parks; a heritage interpreter and school programmer at Fort William Historical Park and Environmental Education Coordinator for the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority.  I love to explore the outdoors with my family and continue to learn the importance of connecting our youth to landscapes and wild places.

Contact Erin at 624-2143 or by email -



Caroline Cox

Program Coordinator

I’m a writer who has always loved nature and the outdoors, so I was excited when the opportunity came up to coordinate EcoSuperior’s social media.  I’m also lucky enough to explore my other interests here. Before joining EcoSuperior’s team, I did a lot of traveling. I always gained a sense of accomplishment when I learned how to get around a city efficiently—whether it was by foot, bike, public transportation, or carpooling. Through coordinating EcoSuperior’s Safe Cycling program, I am excited to share this passion by helping people have more enjoyable and active commutes that are financially and environmentally sustainable. In my spare time, I hike, run, and hang out with my dog.

Contact Caroline at 624-2144 or by email -



Julia Prinselaar

Program Coordinator

After seven years of studying, working and living in other parts of Canada, I returned to Thunder Bay and joined EcoSuperior in 2014.  My areas of focus include urban naturalization, native plant biodiversity and green stormwater infrastructure development in our local watersheds. Since 2016 I have worked with members from public and private sectors to design landscaping features that capture runoff, reduce flood risk and improve local water quality. My biggest passion through this work is bringing people together to build real-world skills and capacity in some of our most vulnerable neighbourhoods and natural spaces. Notable partnerships include Castlegreen Housing Cooperative, Habitat for Humanity – Thunder Bay, Confederation College, Lakehead University and the City of Thunder Bay, resulting in more than 120 rain garden and low-impact development installations in the Lakehead region since 2015.

In my spare time I practise land-based skills including artisanal hide tanning, wild food foraging, herbalism and vegetable gardening, and I work with communities across Ontario to share knowledge in these areas. I hold a BA in Journalism and Communications from Concordia University in Montreal, QC and have been freelance writing for more than a decade. I currently pen a monthly column for Northern Wilds Magazine, based in Minnesota.

Contact Julia at 624-2148 or by email - julia (at) ecosuperior (dot) org


Karen Kerk

Food Strategy Coordinator

I recently joined the Thunder Bay & Area Food Strategy as the Coordinator. Since moving to Thunder Bay 11 years ago, I've been most active operating Bare Organics Inc. (a natural skin care company using food grade ingredients) out of the Thunder Bay Country Market, teaching in a variety of capacities at Confederation College and working with local food groups such as the Food Security Research Network and the Cloverbelt Local Food Coop. I really love the local food movement and I want to do my part to ensure a stronger and more vibrant food system in NWO. When I'm not at work, you can find me hunting for beach stones along the shores of Superior.

Contact Karen at 624-2147 or by email -



Shayla Auld

Communications Intern

Growing up in Thunder Bay, I was always facinated by the natural resources that surrounded me, especially their interactions with human kind. As I grew, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world; to protect the ecosystems which we often misuse, yet heavily depend.  

Now graduated from LU's Natural Resources Management program, I have obtained the environmental knowledge needed to successfully conduct research analyses, promote awareness and initiatives on ecological crises, engage in public relations and graphic arts, while also providing nature-based solutions for institutional change. 

As EcoSuperior's newest member, I am beyond ecstatic to be apart of such an extraordinary team- one who always encourages us to be ourselves, to put health first, to always express creativity and gratitude, to grow unapologetically, to show others compassion, and of course, to love and protect our Earth.

I am so excited to see what we accomplish as both a team and community, and can’t wait to begin taking action, together! 



Kelsey Agnew

Customer Support Guru

I first came to Thunder Bay  in 2004 and graduated from Lakehead University with an HBOR in 2008. After pursuing a Masters in Holistic Science at Schumacher College in Devon, England, I returned to Thunder Bay in 2013. For over five years I managed the community kitchen at the Regional Food Distribution Association, pursuing my passion for food and food security work.

I am extremely grateful to be working at EcoSuperior covering a mat leave and forging the newly created position as Support Guru. As an active environmentalist, it is exciting to place my efforts and ideals for a more connected and healthy way of living on the Earth in a workplace that shares similar values. As someone committed to continual growth, I feel deeply blessed that ecosuperior is also committed to acknowledging and transforming the white privilege that the environmental movement has been unjustly built on.

Outside of the office I am always looking for adventures, be it with my family, friends or in the solo company of Gaia herself. So please stop me and say hi if we cross paths on the mountain bike trails, paddle boarding on the lakes and rivers, or bird watching down at the marina!

A big thank you to the EcoSuperior team for your warm welcome and your commitment to the human and other than human community we are all apart of.



562 Red River Road,
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 1H3
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